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A Labor of Love

April 2007

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A Labor of Love
This is my first post here in this blog. At first, I just want to introduce myself to all. I am Mike and I am an elementary educator of a Montessori school. At first I don't really imagine my self landing on such a job. I never imagined my self to be a teacher especially of little children. I really don't see myself as a man of books and board but rather a professional chap on some kind of laboratory. *sigh* Well, I know that it's God's will that is working here. But somehow as I try to traced each path I took I realized that they are somehow leading to a better boulevard of contentment and inner success. I always pray for faithfulness for this for human as I am I know that someday I will also falter and grow languid. Right now I really love to impart knowledge and virtue to my children. I know that I lack if not some but most of these virtues, but still I ascertained simple virtues from these little souls. And although I am their teacher I also learned from them. Much.
That's why I consider this now as a mission, a labor of love for these little souls whom God entrusted to me as plants from his garden.

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